Company Identity

Deans Fuel Savings combined its operations with CMI Gold and Silver Inc, among the biggest gold and silver bullion retail companies in the United States. Deans Fuel Savings has remained in the rare-earth elements retail business for more than forty successive years.

Deans Fuel Savings creator chose that after twenty-six years, much of them 6 days a week, they had to take a break from the market. Throughout many those twenty-six years, they took only one getaway week a year. Now, they prepare to travel and unwind for many years before picking exactly what-- if any-- jobs they might wish to take on.

Deans Fuel Savings vision was to establish a site that offered gold coin and bullion financiers with a simple and practical way to figure out rates of the most popular gold coins and bars. Prior to then, he had been buying and selling gold, silver, and numismatic coins full-time because 1978. For several years, he operated in the retail and wholesale coin and bullion field, trading his own account at auctions, bourse floorings, and conventions.